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Rachel E. Roberts is a freelance violinist from Merthyr Tydfil. She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Violin Instrumental Performance and a Bmus Hons in Music from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire studying under one of Britain's leading violinists Nathaniel Vallois.


Rachel has a lot of experience in orchestral playing as well as leading many youth orchestras. Some of her orchestral work has been with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra, National youth Orchestra of Wales, Edinburgh Fringe with National Youth Strings Orchestra, Welsh National Opera scheme and the International Regions Orchestra touring Germany and Austria. Through these orchestra's she has worked with Maestro's such as Damien Iorio, Carlos Rizzi, Michael Seal, Grant Llewellyn and more.

Rachel gained invaluable experience in many areas of performing at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. To develop her finely tuned skills she received master classes in solo performance from Macej Rakowski and David Le page and masterclasses in ensemble playing from Navaara Quartet, Pavel Fischer, Matthew Jones, Richard Deakin, Lisa Ueda and Joe Broughton.

Rachel's vast amount of experience and versatile playing allows her freelance work to be very varied yet she is able to tailor her playing to the requirement of any event. 

As well as being an accomplished Violinst Rachel has a natural flair for the Viola. At grade 8+ level Rachel has had masterclasses with Robert Salter and Matthew Jones and is greatly in demand as a viola player in quartet projects and shows.

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